Dental Filling Essentials

A dental filling is meant for restoring a damaged tooth back to its original shape and function. Before a dentist can give the patient a filling, he or she has to remove the decayed material on the tooth first. The area has to be cleaned as well and finally a filling material is placed on the cleaned out cavity.

Spaces are closed off with the use of the filling material and in that way dental filling prevents tooth decay. There are different materials that can be used for the filling such as porcelain, gold, amalgam, and composite resin.

Choosing the Right Filling

It should be known that there’s no known perfect filling for anyone. It all depends on different factors such as the extent of repair necessary, if you have allergies to certain elements or not, which part of the mouth requires the filling, and of course the dental filling cost.


It’s resistant to wear and tear and it is considered inexpensive. The downside of this is that it can be visible because of the dark colour. That’s why it’s not used in the front teeth and other visible areas of the mouth.We are the experts of dental filling in Chatswood

Porcelain Fillings

They are called inlays or onlays and they are made in a lab and then bonded to a lab. They match the colour of the teeth and resist stain.

Gold Fillings

These are made and ordered from a laboratory and they are cemented on the teeth.

Composite or Plastic Resins

They match the teeth because of their natural colour. The ingredients are mixed well and directly applied to the cavity.  


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