Dental crowns are also called caps. This is a fixed prosthetic object that’s cemented on top of a tooth. The moment it is placed, only the dentist can remove it. The crown’s main purpose is to cover a tooth that has been damaged. Tooth crowns are intended to strengthen the teeth, to align it right, and to enhance its overall appearance.

How are crowns made?We provide the best dental services in Chatswood

Before the impression is made, the dentist reduces the size of the teeth for the crown to fit just right. When that’s done, the dental crown can now be created. A temporary crown may also be used while the permanent one is still being worked on.

What are types of dental crowns?

  • Ceramic is used for restoration of the front teeth. This is known for blending with the natural teeth.
  • Gold alloys are a good mix of gold, copper, and other metals. It gives the teeth a strong bond and it doesn’t fracture.
  • Porcelain fused with metal can provide a stronger bond than the ordinary porcelain due to a metal structure. That’s why it’s known to be durable.
  • Base-metal alloys are made up of non-noble metals which are known to be corrosion resistant. This type also has the least amount of tooth reshaping for the crown to fit.

What are their main differences?

They all vary on the sealing capacity. The all-porcelain type may vary depending on the filling material while all the others offer good sealing from leakage. When it comes to durability, you can rely on gold and metal alloys.


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